Here’s your chance to get a one off consultation with Dr Sue Gelder a qualified ND with over 25 years experience. Simply fill out the form below and let her help you get the best of the supplement protocols offered here on this website. 


Dr Sue Gelder
Consultant Naturopath
ND, BSc (Hons) BioMed, BSc (Hons) Med.Hom, FCTP, BFRP, IIHHT, TAT

Hi, my name is Dr Sue Gelder or ‘Dr Sue’ as I have become affectionately referred to over the past 25 years. In that time I have worked in various clinics, as well as having my own private practice and also provided training to other like-minded professionals including some medical doctors. From a young age I realised my career path needed to involve easing people's suffering and enabling them to return to optimal health levels. However, I waited until after my three children were of a suitable age before I returned to education and began to seriously study human health and the causes of disease. During that time I developed a spinal tumour which the medical profession was unable to treat, thereby handing me a death sentence. This was my eureka moment; the moment I realised the medical profession doesn't have all the answers. And, although I was completely bed-bound, I was determined to come out victorious.

Ten years later I wrote a book detailing my path to full recovery so that others could help themselves and/or their loved ones find a natural route to a healthy mind and body. Over the years many people have asked, “if there is just one thing I could do for the betterment of health for myself and my family what would it be? My answer is simple, “Provide the body with all the essential nutrients in plant derived form to give it the best chance of optimal health and repair” The reason I fully endorse ‘Elite Nutrients’ philosophy and products is because of having first-hand experience of the efficacy and healing benefits both for myself and patients I’ve treated over the years. Although I am now retired my desire to bring about lasting healthy change to people's lives has never been stronger.

That’s why I am offering a free one-off consultation to help you get the best out of the supplement protocols offered here on this website. If you are interested, please fill out the contact form above and it would be my pleasure to assist/guide you on your journey back to health.

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