Our Plant Derived Minerals are extracted from plants that lived over 75 million years ago. These ancient, mineral-laden plants today form a layer of earth called humic shale. It’s this mineral-rich layer of earth that provides us with a source of plant based minerals which have a 90-98% absorption rate, which is infinitely superior to most over the counter minerals and is far more beneficial that other inorganic supplement sources such as bentonite or dried sea-beds.

Plant Derived Minerals are in harmony with the ancient plant material they are sourced from, and therefore have a natural negative electrical charge. A negative charge naturally cleanses and helps the body rid itself of toxins, including heavy metals. It also allows the body to easily transport nutrients and increase their bioavailability.
Description of the Mine

Elite Nutrients Plant Derived Minerals are sourced from an open cast humic shale mine in Utah – the mineral state of the USA.  This precious source of plant derived colloidal minerals is at the heart of Elite Nutrients mineral supplements.  The human shale found in this mine contains deposits of prehistoric plant life which took between 75 million and 150 million years to form: a pure food source which has been sitting just under the surface for millennia containing unaltered health giving minerals.

The area being mined has a limestone cap which has not only protected the humic shale from rain and UV rays but also prevented any leaching of valuable minerals. Under the limestone cap is a layer of matter which was once a deciduous forest.  A volcanic eruption covered the forest with ash and mud which formed a thin seal.  This seal was not heavy enough to exert the required pressure needed to turn organic matter into coal or oil.  The layer of humic shale, found underneath the remains of the ancient forest, is best described as dry, compressed hay as it didn’t fossilise or putrefy.

Four major plant groups

There are four major plant groups that make up this deposit – ferns, angiosperms (e.g. magnolias), cycads and conifers. During prehistoric times, the soil was exceptionally rich in minerals and these were converted, through photosynthesis, into organic colloidals which form the basis of Elite Nutrients Plant Derived Minerals. These prehistoric plants absorbed at least 60 of the available 80+ metallic minerals in the soil, allowing trees to grow up to 25 feet per annum and the herbivore brontosaurus to thrive on his 880 pound daily diet of vegetation.

Once the humic shale is mined, it’s put into large sterilised, food grade tanks containing natural spring water where it goes through the osmosis process, allowing the nutrients to leach out of the shale. At the end result of the process results in a plant derived colloidal mineral supplement that contains 38 grams of plant derived minerals per litre. It takes a staggering 78 pounds of humic shale to produce each litre, which equates to 1,034 lbs of lush prehistoric vegetation.

There are 3 Ways to get Minerals for our Bodies: -

Metallic Minerals

  • Source – sea-beds, rocks and soil
  • Not water soluble (hydrophic) and therefore difficult to dissolve
  • Positive electric charge
  • Absorption rate is less than 8% – you would only absorb 8 mg out of a 100 mg supplement
  • A common supplement sold in supermarkets

Chelated Minerals

  • Metallic mineral coated with an amino acid or protein
  • A product of the late 1970s as a solution to poor metallic mineral absorption
  • Absorption rate is just over 50%

Plant Derived Minerals

  • Negative electric charge
  • Very easy to dissolve (hydrophilic)
  • 200 - 2,000 times smaller than metallic minerals
  • Easily absorbable – some minerals are only .0000001 micron
  • Absorption rate is 90 – 95%
The Benefits of Plant Derived Minerals

Plant Derived

Elite Nutrients Plant Derived Minerals are produced from plants that were on earth over 75 million years ago which have been encased and hidden from the world for that time. This ancient plant matter is found in humic shale, which is carefully mined and processed to produce a mineral supplement which is far superior to other mineral sources such as bentonite clay and matter from dried sea-beds.

Liquid Colloidal Form

The minerals that plants absorb from the soil are converted into colloids. These are miniscule particles which retain their form and identity even when suspended in liquid, making them highly absorbable/bioavailable.

Enhanced Bioavailability and Detoxification

Plant derived minerals contain a negative electrical charge enabling them to assist in the body’s detoxification process. They also allow the body to transport other nutrients and enhance the bioavailability of said nutrients.

Pure and Natural

Once the humic shale is mined, it is placed in natural spring water in sterilised food grade containers to begin the process of extracting the valuable minerals which have been locked away for millenia. Every process filtration process is carefully monitored to ensure a pure product. The end result is plant derived minerals with no preservatives, additives, flavourings or synthetic substances.
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